Index to Special Sessions

An updated version of the Index to Special Sessions is now available from the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society.

This edition will feature an up-to-date, chronological index to special sessions of the Michigan Supreme Court, as well as an alphabetical index to special sessions sorted by both honoree and speaker. The 700+ page volume will be bound to look like a volume of the Michigan Reports and will include full transcripts of all special sessions of the Michigan Supreme Court since 1988 all of the special sessions in which the Society has been involved.

This complete and accurate resource is not simply a list, rather it is a guide to the history of the Michigan Supreme Court. The guide will provide a chronological listing of Justices and Chief Justices and their terms of service; a chronological index to special sessions grouped by ceremony and listing the date, honoree, occasion, volume and page number of the Michigan Reports in which it can be found, and a list of speakers at the ceremony; and an alphabetical index grouped by name of the speaker and honoree.

The included ceremonies of the Michigan Supreme Court, as recorded in the Michigan Reports, provide a unique and personal history of the Court and some of Michigans most distinguished citizens. Most ceremonies are memorials or portrait presentations in which family, friends, jurists, government officials, and members of the bar, through eulogies and tributes, give concise and interesting accounts of the honorees lives.

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