Middle School Education Resources from the MSCHS

The following lesson plans for the junior high school level were created by certified Michigan teachers in 2001 to assist educators in teaching students about the history, role, and organization of the Michigan Supreme Court. These lessons include materials for about 10 days of work depending on the strength of the schedule. To receive these materials in hard copy, contact Lynn Seaks at 517-373-7589 or email lynnseaks@micourthistory.com.

Click on any of the lessons listed below to see the material for that day.

Lesson 1: Michigan’s Early History

Lesson 2: Northwest Ordinance

Lesson 3: History of the Michigan Supreme Court

Lesson 4: The Big Four

Lesson 5: Big Four Baseball

Lesson 6: Michigan Court System (Part 1)

Lesson 7: Michigan Court System (Part 2)

Lesson 8: Michigan Judicial System Conclusion

Lesson 9: Friday Forum (Day 1)

Lesson 10: Friday Forum (Day 2)

Lesson 11: Friday Forum (Day 3)

Lesson 12: Friday Forum (Day 4)

Lesson 13: Friday Forum (Day 5)

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