Lesson 2: Northwest Ordinance


Grade Level & Subject: Middle School History

Lesson:Northwest Ordinance

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State Standard and Benchmark
Social Studies. Strand 1 Historical Perspective. Standard 1.2 Comprehending the Past. Students will understand narratives about major eras of American and world history by identifying setting and sequencing the events. Benchmark 1.2.9. Students will use narratives and graphic data to describe the settings of significant events that shaped the development of Michigan as a state and the United States as a nation during the eras prior to Reconstruction. Standard 1.4 Judging the Decisions from the Past. Students will evaluate key decisions made at critical turning points in history by assessing their implications and long term consequences. Benchmark 1.4.5 Students will identify major decisions in the history of Michigan and the United States prior to the end of the era of Reconstruction, analyze contemporary factors contributing to the decisions, and consider alternative courses of action.

Lesson Objectives
Students will be able to
• Describe where the Northwest Territory was located using geographic descriptions
• Outline the steps for territories to become states
• List guarantees to the people living in the territory
• Create a map of the Northwest Territory and label the states that were formed out of this region

Rationale/Purpose for Lesson
This lesson will give students the necessary background to understand how the Michigan Supreme Court was created.

Resources/Materials Needed
• White drawing paper
• Two- column note paper
• Overhead and transparency of Northwest Territory outline map

Review the European countries that had control of the North American continent in the 1600 and 1700s.

1. Hand out two-column note sheets and instruct students to take notes ONLY in the right-hand column
2. Present material from the notes
3. At the end of the presentation, have students read back over their notes and begin to think of words or pictures that could go in the left column to act as clues to the notes for the purpose of studying

Explain that Michigan has had many different influences as it grew into statehood and after it became a state. Explain that we still see the results of those influences today. If possible, offer some examples, ie. names, customs, etc.

Guided Study/Homework
1. Hand out plain white drawing paper. Give the following directions:
• Using the Northwest Territory Map , draw the map of the Northwest Territory. Put in the following information:
1. River boundaries of the territory
2. State boundaries (label with names)
3. Major bodies of water
4. Give it a title and color

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