Justice Biography Quiz

The most elementary way to define the Michigan Supreme Court is as a group of individuals who come together to interpret justice. However, it is the interaction between unique individuals that makes the Court function. In order to understand the decisions and actions of the Court, it is helpful to look at the individuals involved in those decisions. By looking at their background and experiences, one gains a clearer understanding of their actions on the Court. The biographies are thumbnail sketches of the Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court since before Michigan’s statehood. The biographies are designed to entice readers and researchers into learning more about Michigan\’s rich legal history.

The Justices are not only crucial to Michigan history, but to U.S. and world history as well. They have served in many local government positions and organizations. They have interacted with presidents from Thomas Jefferson to Ronald Reagan. They have protected the people of the United States since the beginning of our nation by serving during the Revolutionary War through the Civil War and both World Wars I and II.

In the following test you will be will be asked 28 questions that center around the lives of Michigan’s distinguished justices.

Use the biographical information from the Justice History section of the site.

The answers for the quiz are listed by Justice last name only, so in the following example the Justice’s full name is \”Clifford W. Taylor\”:

Q: He was the 100th justice:

A: Taylor

On questions where more then one justice is required for a correct answer more information is provided in the \”Hint\” section of the question.

Participants that answer 22 or more questions correctly and submit a valid e-mail will be contacted about receiving a free copy of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Reference Guide. The Quiz is not timed, so feel free to take your time and have fun!