Rollin Person’s Diary

Rollin Person

Rollin Person’s Diary

Rollin Person was appointed to a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court by Governor Woodbridge Ferris on July 16, 1915, to replace Justice Aaron McAlvay, who had passed away the week before. The term began on Person served through the following December. He was not elected in the general election that followed his appointment; however, his diary entry for November 8, 1916, reveals that this was not much of a disappointment to him or his wife, Ida.

The diary entries here have been excerpted from Rollin Person’s diary, which is part of the Mrs. James Person Collection at the Library of Michigan, State Archives.

This information is provided as part of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society’s High School Lesson Plans: Lesson 4


To think about:

  1. What do you think Justice Person was thinking on his first day?
  2. What do you think about his first day on the job as a Michigan Supreme Court justice?
  3. Did Justice Person take his position seriously?
  4. What were Justice Person’s thoughts when he lost the election in 1916?
  5. What was the mood of Person’s diary entry on the day he saw his successor sworn in?