Lansing History

cahill-assistantLast week I put aside the summer newsletter that we are designing to stop by the Scott Sunken Garden in downtown Lansing. The property was once the home of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Edward Cahill (written about on this blog earlier this year). That day, August 3rd, just so happened to be the 173rd birthday of Cahill. As I had yet to visit the threatened space, my daughter and I ventured over. In the background of the photo from that day, between the trees, is a view of the Boji Tower where the Fraser firm is located. That firm was founded by another Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Rollin Person, in 1883. Upon Justice Person’s death, Cahill had this to say about his friend “…but whether he was with me or against me I could but admire the careful diligence with which he looked after the interests of his clients.” (Read the rest of the Special Session here)

The address of the property is 125 W Malcolm X St, Lansing, Michigan 48933, and shares a parking lot with the Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame, where several of our women justices have been honored.