One hundred twenty-five years ago today Howard Wiest (MSC 1921-1943) married Cora Newman of Pontiac, Michigan.

The couple settled in Lansing but also maintained property in Williamston, Michigan, about 20 miles from the Capitol. Justice Wiest entertained his associates here, playing softball and horseshoes, shucking corn, and lowering the American flag at sundown. The memory is not unlike that of summer camp.

This photo, recently found by the Court Clerk and given to the Society, is not labeled. However, it looks like there were MANY justices in attendance. Wiest is in the center right, wearing a bow tie, jacket unbuttoned, and hat at his side. Trying to figure out the rest of those who were in attendance will be my winter puzzle.

Shagbark still stands–although without connection to the Court–at 2905 Rowley Road.

shagbark-justices Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Lee Schaffert November 21, 2017

    Grew up there from 1966 to 1979. It was a great place to spend my youth.

    • Carrie Sampson November 27, 2017

      Hi Lee, Thanks so much! We would love to learn more about your time growing up at Shagbark. Please send me an email at carriesampson at micourthistory dot org (spelling it out to avoid spam). I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Lee Schaffert November 21, 2017

    I have more vintage views of Shagbark.

    • Theresa July 7, 2021

      Hi lee, I would love to see pics of the property, there are so many buildings there,looks kinda spooky, did it ever seem that way to you?I drive by there a lot just inquiringthank you Theresa

  3. Otto Stockmeyer January 17, 2018

    According to Let the Record Show: A Legal History of Ingham County Michigan (MSU Press, 1997), Judge Weist hosted annual ox and corn roasts at Shagbark for members of the Ingham County Bar Association. Recalled East Lansing attorney Allison Thomas: “After playing horseshoes and baseball we quenched our thirst with a libation from his well, which Judge Weist claimed was the coldest water in the county. Many years later, Joe Planck . . . told me the judge spiked the well with blocks of ice a few hours before the festivities.”

    • Theresa July 7, 2021

      Sounds like a great time, when I drive by there I can imagine the activity of long ago, it’s so lonely now

  4. Nicholas Wiest September 28, 2018

    My name is Nicholas Wiest. My grandfather was Howard N. Wiest who lived on a farm in Farmington Michigan. My father was Frederick N. Wiest of Pontiac Michigan. My brother Eric Wiest visited Shagbark and took pictures of the property and met the owner (I believe current owner of the property) . I am not very well versed in my family history (please don’t tell my dad, although he passed many years ago), He was very proud of his family history but did not speak of it very frequently. He mentioned Judge Wiest is the most respected terms. I would be interested in any family history you may have on Shagbark. I live in Arizona and I hope one day to visit in person. Thank you for your attention.


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