Request for Membership Input – What Would You Like to Read About?

The Society is interested to know what you, the members of the Society, would like to read about in this quarterly newsletter. The Society is in the process of creating an index of the past issues to gather more insight into what has yet to be covered. In the meantime, if you have an idea or a subject of interest that would fall under the purview of the Society, please email us at or

Upcoming articles in the Newsletter include the scandalous second marriage of Justice Isaac Christiancy and the divorce that followed; the better halves of the Big Four (extra points if you know the maiden name of Justice Cooley’s wife); highlights of the Society’s artifact collection; and hopefully some pieces on recent justices’ lives after retiring from the Court.

In the meantime, since we have William W. Blume’s Transactions of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Michigan (six volumes covering 1805 to 1836), is anyone interested in extending the Verdict of History series back through 1805?

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